Festivals and events in Camogli



Feast of St. Fortunato

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Camogli lived only on fishing and residents spent long periods of time, ranging from May to September, in the open sea to devote to this activity. Often encountered bad sea conditions, and for that invoked the protection of Our Lady of Boschetto, patroness of the city.
Thus was born the need to have a saint dedicated its fishermen and sailors, so it was that the pastor, Father Pellegrino De Negri, he asked the Pope Clement XI (1700 – 1721), of which he was the confessor, to identify a. The pope pointed to a Roman legionary unnamed, converted to Christianity, and killed in the circus by his own comrades.
In 1710, the camogliesi, traveled to Civitavecchia aboard a galley to move the remains of the martyr entrusted to them by the Pope, but on the return journey they were surprised by a terrible storm, and at that time turned their prayers to the anonymous holy they had on board. Their prayers were answered, the storm subsided and the camogliesi did return to healthy harbor prejudice. The urn containing the relics of the saint was placed in the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Camogli.
Since that time, the camogliesi decided that the second Sunday in May would be dedicated to the saint, whom they named Fortunato. They chose to celebrate it at the time of departure to the four-month fishing – then in May – with a solemn procession, during which the saint was invoked, asking to find good weather and abundant fishing. On the way back, then, during the month of September, he was celebrated Our Lady of the Grove for making fishermen return from their families.
The day before the festival of the fish during the evening and the night is the festival. A procession carries for the country an effigy of the saint followed by the band and by the faithful, around midnight are fired a series of fireworks for several minutes, and when they end is set fire to two huge bonfire built one on the beach in front of the basilica of Santa Maria Assunta and one in front of the Rotunda. The bonfires are prepared from the districts of Porto, and the Pinetto, vying to those who produce the most spectacular and enduring.

Fish Festival

Sagra del pesce

The second Sunday in May, is held since 1952. Day dedicated to the fried fish in a giant stainless steel frying pan with a diameter of 3.8 meters, a handle of 6 meters, 2.8 tons and a capacity of 2000 liters . The frying pan is in use from the edition of 1954 (previously used the pans normal), in the past they have also been used is larger than the current one (in 1960 it was introduced as a 5-meter diameter), placed on scaffolding that arise on the harbor bottom, it has become one of the typical attractions of the city and one of the main attractions for tourists.

Stella Maris

Stella maris Camogli

Viene celebrata la prima domenica d’agosto. La festa è dedicata ad una raffigurazione della Madonna come protettrice dei marinai – la Stella del Mare – un mosaico ritrovato nella chiesa di San Nicolò di Capodimonte, e che risalirebbe al 400. Alla mattina il colpo di cannone annuncia la partenza del Dragun, che porta il parroco all’altare di Stella Maris situato sulla Punta Chiappa; il Dragun viene seguito dalle barche degli spettatori impavesate per l’occasione. La sera, quando fa buio, il Dragun e le piccole barche a remi (kayak e canoe) con una torcia legata a poppa seguono l’imbarcazione in fila davanti alla spiaggia, a volte facendo delle gare di velocità, mentre la gente dalla spiaggia mette in mare centinaia di lumini che illuminano il tratto d’acqua antistante.

Christ of the Abyss

Cristo degli Abissi Camogli

Every year on the last Saturday of July, in the bay is held a moving ceremony, in remembrance of the dead in the sea and those who make the sea their lives.
The blessing of the waters, the procession by torchlight, the immersion of divers who reach the Christ, and will lay a laurel wreath, the Mass celebrated on the shore: these are the most striking moments of the night when he pays homage to the Christ of the Abyss.

Valentine’s Day in Camogli

San Valentino a Camogli

The event awaited by thousands of couples and tourists on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, one of the most important events for the promotion of the province of Genoa.

Our Lady of Boschetto

The first Sunday of September, the day after the feast of St. Prospero, is celebrated the Madonna del Boschetto.
During the procession the case of Madonna, about 550 kg, is carried on shoulders by 15-20 people through the streets. Then the party continues on the church square.

International prize loyalty dog

On August 16 in San Rocco, some dogs are rewarded who have distinguished themselves for their fed